Math Team Results

Math Team Results

Math Team 2013-2014

Math Team 2012-2013

Saturday, November 10, 2012:
Congratulations to the math team on their strong showing at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology High School Math Competition. 21 students competed and 4 placed. Yining Chen placed 11th at the freshman level. Zikang Tong placed 5th, Jiajun Xu placed 4th and Boyu He placed 3rd, all in the Junior level. Congratulations to all who competed!

Thursday, November 15, 2012:
The first Non-Calculator Mini Math Contest was held. Two juniors tied for overall first place. They were Jiajun Xu and Zikang Tong. Penny Xu had the highest sophomore score. Jialu Li and Brian Campbell-Deem tied for the highest senior score.

Saturday, February 23, 2013:
Congratulations to all who competed in the Regional Math Team Competition. We had a number of students place, and had a very strong overall score.
The following students took home individual awards:
-Zikang Tong, 1st place Algebra 2 and
-Jialu Li, 3rd place Pre-Calculus.
The following teams also took home awards:
-The Algebra 2 team took 2nd place, with Aidan Epstien, Athena Lin, Jiajun Xu, BoYu He, Zikang Tong, and Saul Downie.
-Two Different Calculator Teams placed: Corby Rosset, Hanxiu Ren, Aidan Epstien and Cecilia Brown placed 1st and Sylvia Haas, Victor Moushovias and Saul Downie placed 2nd.
-The Freshman Sophomore 2 person Team with Yen-Ching Shih and Yuke Wu placed 2nd.
-The Oral team placed 1st with Corby Rosset and Aiden Epstien.