Tiger Store Calendar

UMS Parents – We are looking for volunteers to help run our PBIS Tiger Store: where students can spend their earned tiger tickets on various goodies. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Bivens (jbivens@usd116.org) or Mrs. Kretz (mkretz@usd116.org). Below is a link to the calendar dates for the tiger store if you are looking to volunteer on a specific schedule/date or for a specific team.

UMS Tiger Store Calendar 2018 (Oct. – Dec.)

2 Thoughts to “Looking for UMS Parents for the PBIS Tiger Store”

  1. bambi recker

    I have a pretty flexible availability I can volunteer for the dynamic team on days that you need me that other parents cannot just let me know what works best for you

  2. Catherine Paisley

    Can a child have their QR code reprinted? Our daughter has never used hers and it’s faded and won’t scan.

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