7:45 – 3:25* (M,Tu,Th,& F)
*Open until 3:45 on Tuesday and Thursday
(closed 1:30-2:00 – librarian’s lunch)

7:45 – 2:30 (Wed)
(closed 1:00-1:30 – librarian’s lunch)

Using the library during school hours, lunch and open 8th period:

  • If you are coming from a class you need to have your PLANNER with the Hallway Passport filled out. Be sure to sign-in when you arrive and sign-out when you leave.
  • If you are on lunch and want to use the library you will need to have your planner and a lunch pass [from the librarian] stapled in your planner.  You can see the librarian beforehand or show up at the very start of your lunch period to get this in order.  Once you’ve taken care of this, have your planner/Hallway Passport out when  you come in and sign-in. Remember, you will have to have your planner/passport.
  • If you are supposed to be in Study Support and sign in as being on lunch that is considered SKIPPING and disciplinary consequences may follow.
  • If you do not have an 8th hour, you may use the library for quiet study, reading, or quiet use of the computers, BUT you must first see the librarian and request an 8th hour pass that will go on your planner near your Hallway Passport.  Once you are approved and have a pass, you must be ON-TIME for 8th hour. That means arrive before the 8th hour second bell. If you arrive later you will need a signed Hallway Passport. If you are wanting to socialize with friends, please plan to meet somewhere outside of school.


  • Most library books have a THREE WEEK loan period. If a student needs a book longer, she can renew it by bringing the book to the library for another three week loan, or stopping by the library so the librarian can renew the book online. You can also email the librarian to request a renewal.
  • When a book is overdue, the computer begins charging fines (see fine charges below) – but there is a GRACE PERIOD of one week. If you return an overdue book before it is more than a week overdue, the fines on that item are dropped.
  • Due dates are stamped in every book. Overdue notices are sent to by email every week (if you do not check your student email account, be sure to give the librarian a secondary email account). Students are responsible for returning books even if they are not notified that items are overdue.
  • A student may have up to 5 items at a time.
  • Books may be returned to the library or the locked book box on the 2nd floor right outside the main office.
  • If a student has fines over $3 he/she can not check out any more items until the fine is paid down to $3 or less. Students with over $3 in fines may be allowed to check out ONE book IF it is required for a class.
  • Students are responsible for the books they check out; students will be charged the price of replacing lost or destroyed books.
  • Fines need to be settled before homecoming dance, prom or graduation ceremonies. Fines do not disappear just because you return the book and fines carry over year to year.
  • HOLDS – A student may request that a hold be placed on a book that is checked out to someone else. Student will be notified by email when the hold comes in.


  • $.05 a day for most overdue items – but fines are dropped if the item is returned or renewed within ONE WEEK of being overdue (this is the GRACE PERIOD).
  • $1.00 a day for overdue reference or special high demand items returned late.
  • Maximum overdue fine is $3 per item (but you will be charged the full replacement price for lost or destroyed books).


Computers in the library are primarily for searching the catalog, Internet and database research, word processing, PowerPoint, etc. The following are not allowed in any UHS computer lab:

  • Food or drink of any kind.
  • Attempting to interfere with or bypass security systems.
  • Altering the computer setup.
  • Using an unauthorized login.
  • Accessing Interactive sites without permission.

Due to bandwidth limitations, online music, games, and videos are not allowed unless they are being used for a specific class assignment.

Searching and Researching:

The UHS Library is fully searchable from any Internet terminal. If you are not in the library, Google “usd116″ to find the high school web page and then click on the “Library” link. The UHS Library also subscribes to several research databases which are for staff and students. When accessing these databases from outside the school building you will need usernames and/or passwords. The librarian will give these to you, but they must not be posted on any public sites.


Students may snack at the library tables but must clean up after themselves. Messy foods are not allowed (e.g. soups, salads, yogurt, etc.) Drinks are allowed, but NO dairy drinks please. The library is not the lunch room;lunches should be eaten in the commons or outside, not in the library. Food and drink are NOT ALLOWED at the computers; violators may be asked to leave the library.


Students may print up to 5 pages of schoolwork-related materials per day for free – additional printing is 5 cents a page, unless you clear it with the librarian. Personal printing must be limited, school appropriate and is 5 cents a page. No song lyrics without a teacher’s permission. If you are printing out material on controversial topics you may be asked to get a note from your teacher that this is required.


Each student is allotted 20 free copies per semester for school-related work.

Cell Phones / electronic devices:

School rules about cell phones apply in the library.  During your lunch, you may use your phone in the library.  IMPORTANT: taking pictures during school time without permission is NOT ALLOWED and may result in disciplinary action.

You may use a listening device with headphones and the sound should not be audible to anyone else.


IMPORTANT: taking pictures in the library during school time without permission is NOT ALLOWED and may result in disciplinary action.