School Messenger

Urbana School District 116 uses an automated phone system called School Messenger to help parents and families provide needed attendance information to the schools.

Improving Student Attendance

An automated phone system (School Messenger) is used to notify parents and guardians when their children are not at school and no one as called the student in with an excused absence. If a student is marked absent in a class, the phone system is activated and the call home is made.

The UHS Student Handbook states:

“On the morning of an absence, if the parent has not called the school by 9:00am to excuse the student, an automated service will call the student’s home and report that the student is not in attendance. This will also serve as a reminder for the parent/guardian to call the student in. At the end of the school day, if the absence has not been cleared up, the automated service will again call the student’s home and report each period that the student was absent.”

To report a student absence, please call the Attendance Center: (217) 384-3522 or (217) 328-5171