Mission Statement

UHS Mission Statement

Gladly Would We Learn and Gladly Teach

In 2008, UHS faculty created a new mission statement that serves to provide our school with a shared purpose. We found from this rendition of a quote by Chaucer, important aspects of what we value as a professional learning community.

Gladly        Refers to genuine optimism with which we serve each other and approach everything we do

Would  Denotes sustained effort that begins in the present and extends to the future
We  Refers to everyone – students, teachers, and community – and represents our shared commitment
Learn  We will all learn from each other
Teach  We will all teach each other

In order to transform the ideals found in the mission statement into reality, our vision includes the values we deem important across all areas of teaching and learning. It is intended to provide the benchmarks that Urbana High School should strive to achieve and maintain. Our vision consists of our positive attitude about service, our action orientation, our shared commitment, our focus on student learning, and our efforts to teach and learn from each other. These core beliefs serve as both a framework for our improvement efforts and the standards by which we will evaluate our progress. They should be unmistakably evident across all aspects of school life at UHS. This includes but is not limited to curriculum, assessment, instruction, leadership, personnel, students, climate, community/parent partnerships, and our system of student supports.