Technology at UHS

Urbana High School Computer Labs   UHS Computer Lab Policy
PC Lab 3155 Sign-up lab used by any class or student with a pass It is expected that students will know the lab rules before using the computers. Students shoud be respectful and not disruptive to those around them. Students should clean up their workspace when they leave.
Mac Lab 3156 Sign-up lab used by any class or student with a pass
Carl M. Smith Lab 3157 Sign-up lab used by classes – no assistance is available for the teacher The following are not allowed in any UHS computer lab:

  • Food or drink of any kind.
  • Attempting to interfere with or bypass security systems.
  • Altering the computer setup.
  • Using an unauthorized login.
  • Accessing Interactive sites without permission.
  • Printing anything that is not school related.

Online music, games, and videos are not allowed unless they are being used for a specific class assignment.

Curriculum Lab 3159 Computer science classroom
Science Lab 2188 Mini science lab with PASCO software
Science Lab 1201 Mini science lab with PASCO software
Echo Lab 2217 School newspaper lab
Rosemary Lab 2222 School yearbook lab
Photography Lab 1143 Mini Photo lab


Lab Schedule
District Acceptable Use Policy

UHS Computer Lab Coordinator - Bryan Peters