Summer Homework

Summer Homework

Please see the information below for summer homework.  You will find the instructions and any additional information within the packet (PDF).  For questions, please contact the faculty listed.

2018 Summer Homework

Class Instructor Packet Additional Notes
AP Prep Algebra II Ms. Leighton

Mr. Joung

Summer Homework  
AP Prep Geometry Mr. Pavlakis

Mr. Mitchaner

Summer Homework If emailing - please include BOTH instructors on email.
AP Prep Pre Calculus-Trigonometry Mr. Stillwell ​

Ms. Lee

Summer Homework If emailing - please include BOTH instructors on email.
AP Studio Art (2D Design & 2D Drawing) Ms. Lagerstam Summer Homework  
AP Calculus AB Mr. Kennedy Summer Homework  
AP Calculus BC Mr. Beuschlein Summer Homework  
AP Chemistry Mr. Migut Summer Homework  
AP Physics 1 Mr. Beuschlein Summer Homework  
AP Physics C Mr. Beuschlein Summer Homework  

Previous Homework:

*Summer Homework Assignments for 2015 *

If your class requires Moodle for your summer homework you can access the UHS Moodle server here:

AP Studio Art Drawing
AP Studio Art 2-D Design

Summer studio art pieces are required for students planning to take AP Studio Art courses. Students can email the instructor for questions, clarification, or a word copy of the assignments at

AP Art Summer Homework

AP or AP Prep Math and Science Courses

Work assignments are being updated for Summer 2015 – all assignments should be updated by June 4, 2015.

In order to prepare students adequately for AP exams and courses, it is necessary that all students complete this review/prep work by the first day of the new school year. Your teacher will expect it to be done well and will count it toward your grade.

AP US History

Students enrolled in AP US History for the Fall 2015 semester are required to complete the summer assignments outlined in the .pdf that is linked below. There will not be any late work accepted. Additionally, completion of the assignments is necessary for students expecting to do well on the test and in-class essay that will be given on (Date TBA). Any student who did not get their textbook will also find their book and a hard copy of the summer assignment waiting for them in the main office of UHS.

Summer Assignment PDF file

AP German

The assignment description for AP German summer work is available in the main office or from the link below. Students are free to contact Frau Bequette through her school email at with questions or concerns.

Summer Assignment PDF file

AP Spanish

Email Mrs. Alvarez-Cortes at in order to get access to the AP Spanish google classroom and receive the summer homework. The summer homework will be posted on google classroom, here you will receive all the information that you need and the due dates.