UHS Welcomes New Administrators

USD #116 is pleased to introduce Deloris Brown as our new Principal at Urbana High School.  She was originally introduced as the new Vice Principal of UHS.  However, she interviewed for the principal position when it because available, and accepted the position when offered.

Deloris Brown, UHS PrincipalPrior to coming to Urbana, Deloris Brown has been employed at Stephen Decatur Middle School as Principal.  In this leadership position Ms. Brown has done an excellent job in coordinating programs and services that have resulted in providing an academic climate that is conducive to maximum educational development. In the last two years the middle school has shown academic gains and climate improvement at all grade levels that would only be possible through the cooperation and support of her teachers. She places a great importance in being visible in classrooms, hallways and at almost all of athletic events. She requires all of her administrative team to continually engage with staff, students and parents in order to promote a supportive and collaborative culture. Ms. Brown spends most evenings calling parents to discuss concerns and challenges yet also makes it a priority to discuss student triumphs and successes. She also spends many evening mentoring staff members on successful strategies to engage our students and to attain a supportive classroom environment. Her vigilant pursuit of student success is evident in the professional development that she provides for all staff.

Research shows quite clearly that schools perceived as being positive, safe, and nurturing environments focused on student learning do better than schools that lack this important focus. Deloris has been pivotal in school-wide adoption of PBIS. Through collaborative and reflective leadership, she is able to shift climate and culture. The greatest benefit for any educator who successfully manages to improve his or her school culture is the inevitable understanding of one’s self, one’s colleagues, and others, because knowing what people feel and think allows them to be inspired and led. Ms. Brown has achieved the respect of her colleagues through her understanding of this dynamic. When teachers are actively involved in mapping change, the result is improved morale and willing participation. Deloris has attained this vital benchmark.

Her academic career includes earning a Master of Science in Educational Administration from Illinois State University in 2010, and a Bachelor of Science in History Education and Political Science from Illinois State University in 2007.  Ms. Brown is currently a Doctoral student at Illinois State University, working towards an Ed.D.  She was awarded Illinois State University Education Administration and Foundation’s Principal of the Year in 2016 and the Foundation’s Patricia H. Klass & Linda L. Lyman Endowed Scholarship for 2015-2016.

USD #116 welcomes Jorge Elvir as Associate Principal at Urbana High School.

Mr. Alvir comes to USD #116 from District 50 in Harvard, Illinois, where he was the Assistant Principal of Crosby Elementary School.  He was the Dean of Students at North Chicago Community High School from August 2015 through June 2017.  From June 2001 until July 2015, he was the Lead Special Education Teacher at Allendale Association in Lake Villa, Illinois.

Certified to train others in Restorative Practices, Mr. Alvir has also been certified as a trainer in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention and has provided professional development as a National Restorative Practices presenter.

Mr. Alvir earned his Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from Northeastern Illinois University in 2014 and a Master of Arts in Elementary Education from Roosevelt University in 2008.  His undergraduate degree in Workforce Education, Training & Development was earned in 2007 from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.

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