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USD #116 Human Resources

Katherine Barbour
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Professional Development 217-384-3641

Welcome to the USD #116 Human Resources page.  Below, please find information regarding employment benefits, contracts, and contact information for the HR staff.  If you have a general HR questions, please contact

Employment Benefits

Below is a brief overview of the benefits offered to eligible District 116 employees.

Health Insurance
Eligible employees have a health plan through Health Alliance HMO. The Board of Education contributes a portion of the premiums, and the employee is responsible for the rest. An employee may choose to waive his or her health insurance coverage during the first 31 days of hire. Under state and federal law, in the event an employee's coverage terminates, he or she may be entitled to continue group coverage if meeting certain criteria. Contact Human Resources (217) 384-3648 for details.

Employee Benefit Allowance
An Employee Benefit Allowance can be requested in lieu of health coverage. This allowance is ideal for eligible employees already covered by other insurance. The allowance can be used for reimbursement for business-related expenses, other insurance-related expenses or dependent care. For details about the Employee Benefit Allowance contact the district's Business Office at (217) 384-3642.

Life Insurance
Guardian provides Basic Life Insurance paid by the district for eligible employees as well as Enhanced Optional Life and Spouse and Dependent Coverage which can be purchased by eligible employees. Contact Human Resources (217) 384-3648 for details.

Dental Insurance
Guardian is also the provider of voluntary traditional dental insurance. This traditional plan allows an eligible employee to go to any dentist and pays a percentage for covered services. There are three types of services – Preventive, Basic Restorative and Major Restorative. Contact Human Resources (217) 384-3648 for details.

Flex Plan
The Flexible Spending Account (or flex plan) allows eligible employees to tax shelter a portion of their income for payment of items such as tax shelter group health, dental and life insurance premiums, medical co-payments, eye exams, glasses, prescription drugs, dependent care expenses and more. Cost must be actually incurred and documented with receipts for reimbursement. Contact Human Resources (217) 384-3648 for details.

Human Resources Staff

Full Name Job Title E-mail Address Business Phone
Katherine Barbour Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Professional Development 217-384-3641
Candace Ziegler Administrative Assistant 217-384-3641
Jacinda Crawmer Director of Human Resources 217-384-3561
Lisa Kincaid Benefits Specialist 217-384-3648
Jessica Abrahamson HR/PD Secretary 217-384-3640
Teresa Fewkes HR/PD Data & Communication Specialist 217-384-3639
Brandy Smith Substitute Coordinator 217-384-3647
Stephanie Cockrell District Office Receptionist 217-384-3647
Sandy Cole Fingerprint Technician

Staff Documents and Salary Schedules

Salary Schedules Certified Staff

Salary Schedules UEA Support Staff

Request for Release of Personnel Documents and/or Previous Employment Verification (pdf)

Collective Bargaining Agreement (pdf) - current agreement
Agreement between Urbana Education Association (Licensed Faculty), IEA-NEA and Urbana School District #116 Board of Education 2015-2019

Superintendent's Contract (pdf) - current agreement
Superintendent's Employment contract - July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2019