Classroom volunteers

Classroom Volunteers

Parents, grandparents, and other community members can offer their time as Classroom Volunteers. The specific tasks that Classroom Volunteers do are fitted to the needs of the teachers and the interests and abilities of the volunteer.

What do classroom volunteers do?

Common tasks include:

  • Tutoring students one-on-one
  • Helping students get organized
  • Helping absent students catch up
  • Taking notes beside student during teacher presentation
  • Setting up materials for special art / science activities
  • Doing clerical work, copying, covering books
  • Creating bulletin boards, making games
  • Teaching enrichment units
  • Sharing knowledge and skills pertinent to curriculum

What do parents like about working in classrooms at UMS?

"Getting to know my child's teachers better as well as gaining knowledge of the curriculum."

"Having conversations with and helping individual children."

"Seeing the way other students learn."

"Smiles from kids when I come to school."

"Being at school often, feeling part of my kids' days."

"When a student suddenly 'gets it.'"

"Seeing the growth of children."

How do I become a parent classroom volunteer?

  1. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at the school in which you wish to volunteer or if you have no school preference contact Barbara Linder (217) 337-0853 at Urbana Middle School.
  2. Fill out an application form and release statement and a criminal background check form. Return completed applications to the school in which you wish to volunteer or if you do not have a school preference, send to Urbana Middle School.
  3. Commit to a regular volunteering time
  4. Participate in a volunteer orientation
  5. Start coming to school!