Title I Staff

Title I-College and Career Ready Staff


Jennifer Frerichs
Director of Student & Family Academic Support & Engagement

Darcy Silver

Jo Perkins
Supplemental Education Services Teacher Leader (Leal only)

Title I College and Career Ready Teachers

The Title I College and Career Ready (CCR) program employs highly qualified staff members in many capacities within the school and district setting.  Title I CCR teachers at each elementary school provide instructional support to individual students, groups of students or entire classrooms in response to each school’s academic data.

The Title I CCR SES Teacher Leader works with the Director, the school and the supplemental education provider to create educational plans for each student that enrolls in the SES program. For more information about the SES program, refer to the SES tab on the website.

The Title I Director facilitates the district-wide Parent Advisory Committee, works closely with each principal and each school’s building Parent Advisory Committee and provides funding for parent/family activities.  The Title I Director also coordinates Kindergarten Transition, Public School Choice and Supplemental Education Services for the six elementary buildings.

DR. Williams Elementary School
Emily Aguilar (.5)
Susan Miller
Kelli Mills
Gail Rudisill

King School
Carla Vincent-Westfield
Joe Karny
Tiffany Jon (ESL)
Paige Waggoner
Tori Harvey

Thomas Paine
Rita Balbo
Debby Voight
Andrea Alghalith

Leal School
Darcy Silver
Emily Aguilar (.5)
Emily Delanty
Inma Horcajo
Amanda Klousnitzer

Wiley School
Amanda Rutledge
Michelle Shaw
Kathy Hansen

Yankee Ridge
Linda Busey
Juanita Song

The Non-Public Schools served by District 116 are all targeted assistance programs and are as follows:

  • Canaan Academy

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