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PBIS Matrix

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School PBIS Matrix

  Be Respectful 1A 2A 2D Be Responsible 1A 2D Be Ready 2D
All Settings 1C;2C;3A Use good manners

Use an inside voice

Respect self, others, property

Keep hands, feet and objects to self

Follow directions the first time

Stay on task

Help to keep the school clean

Have what you need ready

Be on time

Be ready to learn

Hallways Keep hands, feet and objects to self

Walk quietly

Enter classrooms respectfully

Walk to the right

Walk at all times

Keep hallways clean

Wave to greet people

Keep outside doors shut

Have a hallway pass at all times

Go straight to your destination

Lockers &Coat Hooks Silent time at lockers and coat hooks

Close lockers quietly

Use appropriate language

Keep locker areas clean

Hang up your coat

Stay in your area with your class

Know your combination

Get all your supplies and materials

Restrooms Respect others’ privacy

Respect school property

Wash hands


Clean up after yourself

Let an adult know if there are any problems

Wait your turn

Be prompt

Lunchroom Use good table manners

Use an inside voice

Raise your hand if you need something

Stay in your seat

Eat your own food

Clean up after yourself

Leave all food and utensils in lunchroom

Have your lunch ticket ready

Bring what you need

Playground 3A Include others

Play safely with others

Use respectful verbal and physical behaviors

Return equipment

Use equipment properly

Follow safety rules

Food stays off the playground

Let an adult know if there are any problems

Line up at the whistle

Dress for the weather

Wait in line quietly for your teacher

Assemblies Politely applaud

Keep hands and feet to self

Arrive empty handed

Watch and listen quietly

Sit and wait quietly for dismissal directions

Use the restroom before the program

Sit on your bottom

Look for the Give Me Five sign

Bus 3A Listen and follow the bus driver or monitor’s directions

Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

Follow all bus safety rules

Watch for your stop

Take care of your belongings

Stay seated at all times

Know your bus number

Walk to the bus

Go directly to your seat

Computer Lab 3A Food and drink stay out of the lab

Work quietly

Take care of equipment

Use only appropriate websites

Last class stacks the chairs

Go directly to your seat

Have what you need

Library Enter the library respectfully

Listen when others are speaking

Respect school property

Food and drink stay out of the library

Keep area clean

Push in chairs when you leave

Remember to bring back your books

Have what you need

Wait your turn

Do what you came to do

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is a process for helping children and even adults develop the fundamental skills for life effectiveness. SEL teaches the skills we all need to handle ourselves, our relationships, and our work effectively and ethically. Teaching SEL skills helps create and maintain safe, caring learning environments.

Click on any of the blue links in the matrix for information on how the King School matrix links to the Illinois Social and Emotional Learning Standards.

To view a printable version of the matrix, click here (select landscape layout to print).




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