Urbana School District #116

Incoming Kindergartners

For Families of Incoming Kindergartners

If you live in Urbana and your child will be 5 years old on or before Sept. 1 of the current year, you can register your student for kindergarten.  When registering your child for kindergarten, you will need:

  • Your child’s official birth certificate — has a raised seal
    • If your child was born in Champaign County you may get this from the C-U Public Health Department or the County Clerk’s office.
  • Photo ID (Driver’s License, State ID, or Passport)
  • Proof that you live in Urbana
    • Your signed lease/mortgage
      – OR –
      2 of the following all listing the parent’s name and same address: driver’s license, utility bill, voter registration card, change of address from the post office.
  • Phone numbers for doctors and emergency contacts
  • Physical exam form
  • Eye exam form

Students who speak a language other than English at home, will be set-up for an English as a Second Language screening.  Results from this screening may provide options other than the neighborhood school of the student.

All children enrolling in kindergarten in a public, private, or parochial school are required to have an eye examination.

Please note:  Every spring, USD #116 hosts a Kindergarten Connection event for all students planning on attending Kindergarten the following school year.  The 2019 event is scheduled for Tuesday, April 4, 2019 at Lincoln Square Mall.

The District also hosts a Centralized Registration event for ALL Urbana students (early childhood through 12th grade) in late July.  This is a separate event from Kindergarten Connection and we ask that all incoming Kindergarten families attend Centralized Registration.

A brief look at our elementary schools

Urbana Elementary School Information and Contacts

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary

Phone: 384-3675
Principal: Christina Cail-Lewandowski
Website: www.usd116.org/drking

Parent Classroom Choice: Requests are given full consideration, but are not guaranteed. Classes are balanced for age, ethnicity and gender. Please make requests in writing to the principal as soon as possible.

Classroom Visit Policy: Please call our school’s office at least a day in advance to schedule a classroom visit.

Kindergarten Transition Contact:  Cynthia Goode, Literacy Interventionist   cgoode@usd116.org

Leal Elementary

Phone: 384-3618
Principal: Spencer Landsman

Parent Classroom Choice: Student assignments are designed to take advantage of parent input. Requests are given full consideration, but not guaranteed.  Classrooms are balanced according to a variety of factors including academic learning needs, talents and behavioral considerations. Parents are asked to fill out a form entitled “My Child As a Learner”.

Elección parental de clases: La asignación de los estudiantes está diseñada para aprovechar las sugerencias de los padres. Las solicitudes son examinadas en detalle, pero no garantizadas. Las aulas son balanceadas de acuerdo a una variedad de factores, incluyendo las necesidades de aprendizaje académico, los talentos de los estudiantes y las consideraciones por comportamiento. Los padres deben llenar un formulario titulado “Mi niño como aprendiz”

Classroom Visit Policy: Tuesdays and Thursdays are open visitation days. Parents are welcome to observe or visit any classroom on these days, without an appointment.  Parents are asked not to bring their children. Please sign in at the office.

Póliza de visita a las clases: Martes y jueves son días abiertos para visitas. Los padres pueden venir a visitar u observar las clases en esos días sin necesidad de hacer una cita. Se les pide a los padres que no traigan niños a las visitas. Por favor registre su llegada en la oficina.

Kindergarten Transition Contact:  Emily Delanty Aguilar, Bilingual Literacy Interventionist at eaguilar@usd116.org and Darcy Silver at dsilver@usd116.org

Dr. Preston L. Williams Jr. Elementary

Phone: 384-3628
Principal: Danielle Jackson
Assistant Principal: Adriana Ochoa
Website: www.usd116.org/drwilliams

Parent Classroom Choice: Requests are given full consideration, but are not guaranteed. All classes are balanced with respect to gender, ethnicity and individual instructional needs. Any teacher requests should be made in writing to the principal at registration.

Elección parental de clases:  Se considerarán todas las solicitudes, pero no están garantizadas. Todas las clases se equilibran considerando el género, etnia y necesidades educativas individuales. Cualquier solicitud de maestro debe hacerse por escrito a la directora en el momento de la inscripción.

Classroom Visit Policy: Please call the school office in advance, to arrange a visit to observe kindergarten classes.

Póliza de visita a las clases: Por favor, llame con antelación a la oficina de la escuela para organizar una visita y observar las clases de kinder.

Kindergarten Transition Contact: Susan Miller, Literacy Interventionist at smiller@usd116.org

Dual Language Kindergarten Transition: Lourdes Bustos, Bilingual Literacy Interventionist at lbustos@usd116.org

Thomas Paine Elementary

Phone: 384-3602
Principal: Delores Lloyd
Website: www.usd116.org/tpaine

Thomas Paine Class of '28

Parent Classroom Choice: All classes are balanced with regard to gender, ethnicity and students’ individual instructional strengths and needs. Please make requests in writing to the principal. Requests are not guaranteed.

Classroom Visit Policy: Please call the office to arrange a visit to kindergarten classes.

Kindergarten Transition Contact: Kim Ford, Literacy Interventionist at kford@usd116.org

Wiley Elementary

Wiley Class of '28

Phone: 384-3670
Principal: Jennifer Heinhorst
Website: www.usd116.org/wiley

Parent Classroom Policy: Parent preferences will be carefully considered, but requests cannot be guaranteed. Requests must be submitted in writing to the principal by May 1st. The guidelines for the letter are on the Wiley School web page and also available from the Wiley office in person or can be sent by email.

Classroom Visit Policy: We ask parents to visit by appointment only. Please call the office at 384-3670 to arrange a time to visit.

Kindergarten Transition Contact: Amanda Rutledge, Literacy Interventionist at arutledge@usd116.org

Yankee Ridge Elementary

Phone: 384-3608
Principal: Brian Anderson
Assistant Principal: Natalee Bretz

Yankee Ridge Class of 28

School/Classroom Visits: We ask visitors to make appointments if a school tour or classroom visits are desired during the school year.  Please call the school office to arrange a visit.

Classroom Requests & Placements: All classes are balanced with regard to gender, ethnicity, and students’ strengths and needs. Parent requests are taken into consideration; however, not guaranteed. All requests must be in writing and submitted to the principal by the last day of the current school year.

Kindergarten Transition Contact:  Kelsey Outlaw, Literacy Interventionist at koutlaw@usd116.org and Kelly Allen at kallen@usd116.org

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