Urbana School District #116

Student Registration Information

Registration Information

Urbana School District #116 holds a Centralized Registration event every year for all USD #116 families.  During this event, typically held at the end of July, parents and guardians can:

  • register their student[s] regardless of what Urbana school they attend,
  • meet with their student’s principal and school office staff
  • get information about the District food service program
  • pay fees and fines (including the $100 registration fee for all students)
  • purchases PE clothing
  • UMS and UHS students will get a copy of their schedule, if created
  • UHS students can meet with a counselor about class changes
  • get information about after school and extra curricular groups
  • learn about community organizations and groups

All USD families are encouraged to participate in Centralized Registration.  After Centralized Registration, school buildings have limited office hours prior to the start of school to register students. If you have an incoming kindergarten or are new to the district (your student[s] did not attend a USD #116 in the previous school year), information about your families’ specific registration needs please can be found on the following pages:


Pre-enrollment figures are vital to planning for the upcoming school year.  The below Pre-enrollment form was provided to families of all current students.  If you did not receive a form, please feel free to complete the form electronically and submit the completed forms to contactus@usd116.org.

Returning Families

Below is registration and enrollment information for parents or guardians who have a student who completed the previous year at an Urbana #116 school.  This includes students moving from one of our neighborhood elementary schools to UMS, or moving from UMS to UHS.

Registration for returning students

Parents and guardians are requested to please bring the following documentation to Centralized Registration:

  • Photo ID (Driver’s License, State ID or Passport)
  • Proof that you live in Urbana
    • Your signed lease/mortgage or 2 of the following all listing the parent’s name and same address: driver’s license, utility bill, voter registration card, change of address from the post office.
  • Phone numbers for doctors and emergency contacts
  • Payment for $100 registration fee and/or other fees you have received notice to pay. This is payable by cash, personal check, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover).


For Urbana Early Childhood School, all Elementary Schools, UMS, and UHS there is a $100 registration fee. If your family qualifies for free/reduced lunch, this fee may be reduced or waived. 

Physical Requirements

Returning students entering the Early Childhood Program, kindergarten, sixth, or ninth grades must complete a physical exam and have the physical exam form on file with the school district before the first day of school. Students who do not have physical exams by the first day of school will be not be allowed to attend school. This policy will be strictly enforced.

Physical exams must be done within one year of the first day of school. The Urbana School District may accept physicals transferred from another school district for transfer students as long as the physical was done within one year of the first day of school and it meets Illinois requirements. Athletic physicals will NOT be accepted.

Physicals, dental services and more are available at the Urbana School-based Health Center, which is open to Urbana school children up to age 18 and located adjacent to Urbana High School. For more information, visit the Urbana School-based Health Center website.

The following information lists recent changes to the physical examination form and items that must be included on the form. Your child must have a correctly completed physical form to attend school. Incomplete or incorrect forms will not be accepted by the Urbana School District. You may wish to print this information and bring it with you to the doctor’s office for your child’s physical exam to make sure the form is completed correctly.

Items which must be completed on physical forms Physical form (pdf) // forma en Español (pdf)

The physical exam form (also called the Certificate of Child Health Examination form) was changed because of changes in the Illinois Child Health Examination Code. By law, health examinations for all public, private/independent and parochial school students in Illinois must include:

Physical examination which needs to include an evaluation of: height, weight, blood pressure, BMI, skin, eyes, ears, nose, throat, mouth/dental, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, genito-urinary, neurological, musculoskeletal, spinal examination, nutritional status, lead screening and other evaluations thought necessary by the doctor. The state strongly recommends that evaluations include hemoglobin or hematocrit, urinalysis, and sickle cell. The doctor should list any medications the child takes routinely, diet restrictions/needs, special equipment needed, or other needs and known allergies. The medical history section must be completely filled out and signed by the parent or legal guardian of the student.

At or about the same time that he/she receives a health examination, every child must present proof to the school district of receiving immunizations against preventable communicable diseases as required by Illinois law (Section 665 of the Child Health Examination Code). A diabetes screening must be done, and the doctor or health care provider must write the results of the diabetes risk assessment on the physical form. Lead screening must be done at the health examination for children age six years or younger before they can attend preschool, nursery school, kindergarten or other child care program.

If your health care provider does not do a lead screening, the school nurse can do it. Your child will have to take a blood test if you answer “Yes” or “Don’t Know” for any single question on the screening or if he/she has lived in a high risk ZIP code.


Dental Exam

The Illinois State Board of Education requires that all children in kindergarten, second and sixth grade have an oral health examination. The examination must be performed by a licensed dentist and a Proof of Dental Examination Form must be completed by the dentist. The Proof of Dental Examination Form must be completed prior to May 15 of the current school year. Schools will be required to collect these forms on this date.

Please note, if your child has had an exam in the last 18 months, the dentist can complete the form based on that appointment. If the school does not have a completed form for your child, the school can withhold your child’s year end report card. You may go to your regular dentist. Or you may contact the C-U Public Health District at 217-531-4279 or Urbana School-based Health Center at 217-239-4220 to schedule a dental exam.

The Urbana School-based Health Center is open to Urbana school children up to age 18 and located adjacent to Urbana High School. Health Center Summer 2006 hours are different from the regular school year hours. For more information, visit the Urbana School-based Health Center website.

Emergency Medical Authorization

The Emergency Medical Authorization is provided at registration and must be filled out completely and returned to the principal’s office of your child’s school. If the information on this form needs to be changed during the year, please contact the office. In an emergency, we must be able to reach you immediately. Hospitals will not treat anyone under 18 years of age without written permission.

Petitioning Procedures

As stated in the Urbana School District #116 Board of Education Policy (Board Policy Manual, Chapter 7:30 Student Assignment and Intra-District Transfer), parents may request an assignment to an attendance center outside their residential area by making a written request (petition form) to Dr. Samuel Byndom. For further information on these procedures, please contact 217-384-3651.