Urbana School District #116

Employment with USD #116

Job Openings at Urbana School District

Below, please find a link to the Urbana School District #116 Employment Opportunities web site.  The site lists open positions and information on how to apply, documentation needed, and other pertinent details.


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Substitute Teacher Opportunities

We hire substitute teachers as needed throughout the year to work in our schools. To become a substitute teacher for us, it is recommended to first complete an online application at http://www.usd116.org/working-for-usd-116/ to express interest. You do not need to have your Sub License or Paraprofessional License when you apply and interview. Once hired, an application for your subbing license can be submitted to the Regional Office of Education. There are two types of licenses that can be obtained through the Regional Office of Education: 1) a Sub License and 2) an Educator License with Stipulations (ELS) with Paraprofessional Endorsement (PARA). A Sub License allows one to sub for any teacher (starting pay at $105/day) or teacher’s aide ($12.50/hour) position. An ELS (PARA) will only allow one to sub for any teacher’s aide position ($12.50/hour) in the district. Please contact Barb Keil, Regional Office of Education Licensure Specialist, at 217-893-3219 or barbekeil@roe9.k12.il.us for any specific questions regarding licensure.

Basic Requirements for a Sub License

  • Minimum of a Bachelors Degree

Basic Requirements for an ELS (PARA) License

  • High School Degree or GED equivalent
  • One of the following:
    • 60 hours of college credit or Associates Degree
    • Pass either the Work Keys or Praxis ETS test

Additional Requirements for All

  • Interview & reference check
  • License application and registration fees (ranging from $160 – $230)
  • Cleared fingerprint background check
  • Physical within 90 days of license application
  • Completion of employment packet
  • Attendance at substitute orientation & Bloodborne Pathogens training

For more information about substitute teaching for Urbana School District, please contact Jacinda Crawmer, Director of Human Resources, at (217) 384-3561.

Employment Requirements

Before employees, substitutes, and volunteers can begin to work for the district they must complete the following requirements:

Criminal Background Check

A fingerprint scan for a criminal background check must be conducted before employees can begin work. Employees are hired pending the results of the background check. Volunteers also must undergo a non-fingerprinted criminal background check. Click here for a list of convictions which automatically exclude an employee or volunteer from work at the district.

Employment Benefits

Below is a brief overview of the benefits offered to eligible District 116 employees.

Health Insurance

Eligible employees have a health plan through Health Alliance. The Board of Education contributes a portion of the premiums, and the employee is responsible for the rest. An employee may choose to waive his or her health insurance coverage during the first 31 days of hire. Under state and federal law, in the event an employee’s coverage terminates, he or she may be entitled to continue group coverage if meeting certain criteria. Contact Human Resources (217) 384-3641 for details.

Employee Benefit Allowance

An Employee Benefit Allowance can be requested in lieu of health coverage. This allowance is ideal for eligible employees already covered by other insurance. The allowance can be used for reimbursement for business-related expenses, other insurance-related expenses or dependent care. For details about the Employee Benefit Allowance contact the district’s Business Office at (217) 384-3642.

Life Insurance

Guardian provides Basic Life Insurance paid by the district for eligible employees as well as Enhanced Optional Life and Spouse and Dependent Coverage which can be purchased by eligible employees. Contact Human Resources (217) 384-3641 for details.

Dental Insurance

Guardian is also the provider of voluntary traditional dental insurance. This traditional plan allows an eligible employee to go to any dentist and pays a percentage for covered services. There are three types of services – Preventive, Basic Restorative and Major Restorative. Contact Human Resources (217) 384-3641 for details.

Flex Plan

The Flexible Spending Account (or flex plan) allows eligible employees to tax shelter a portion of their income for payment of items such as tax shelter group health, dental and life insurance premiums, medical co-payments, eye exams, glasses, prescription drugs, dependent care expenses and more. Cost must be actually incurred and documented with receipts for reimbursement. Contact Human Resources (217) 384-3641 for details.

Contracted Service Employment Opportunities

Urbana School District #116 contracts with outside cleaning and food service companies. Below is contact information for both companies. Please contact these companies directly to discover employment opportunities.All district employees and those who work in school buildings for a contracted service must complete a fingerprint criminal background check.

Cleaning Service: Environmental Solutions Services (ESS) (217) 337-6701

Food Service: Aramark Urbana Middle School 1201 S. Vine, Urbana, IL 61801 (217) 384-3694