Urbana School District #116

District Financial Information

Carol Baker
Chief Financial Officer

The sections and links below provide information regarding financial statements for the Urbana School District #116.  This information is stewarded by Carol Baker, USD #116 Chief Financial Officer.  More information can be obtained by calling her office at (217) 384-3642.

School Board Financial Statements

Review of the monthly expenses, revenues, and payables is done at the USD #116 Board of Education Business meeting.  Those meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of every month.  The current years documentation can be found on the BOE Agenda and Documentation page

District Budget Information – Current Discussion

FY2019 Final (approved) Budget documentation – approval discussion occurred at the USD #116 BOE Business meeting, September 19, 2018.

FY2019 Tentative Budget Information – presented to USD #116 BOE, June 2018

Current Year End Audit

Year-end Audit (2018)
Audit Committee Letter
Final Management Letter
Financial Report
Board Presentation
Financial Statements

Current Year Annual Financial Reports

Prior Year District Budget Information

FY 2018 Final (approved) Budget documentation (Approval discussion occurred September 2017)

Adult Education Budget Information

  • Adult Education 2017-18 Budget

FY2018 Tentative Budget documentation (discussed by USD #116 BOE, June 20, 2017)

Adult Education Budget information

  • UAE FY18 Tentative Budget

FY2018 Annual Financial Reports

FY2018 Financial Reports

FY 2017 USD #116 Budget

FY 2017 Final (approved) Budget documentation (approved by USD #116 BOE, September, 2016)

Adult Education Budget Information

FY 2017 Tentative Budget documentation (discussed by USD #116 BOE, June 7, 2016)

Adult Education Budget information

FY17 Financial Reports

FY 2016 USD #116 Budget

FY16 Final Budgets (discussed/finalized by USD #116 BOE, September, 2015)

FY16 USD #116 Tentative Budget documentation (discussed by USD #116 BOE, June, 2015)

Urbana Adult Education Tentative Budget

FY 2015 USD #116 Budget

Budget Discussion documents

2014-15 Tentative Budgets (presented to USD #116 BOE, June 2014, and discussed September, 2014)

FY 2014 USD #116 Budget

FY 2013 USD #116 Budget

FY 2012 USD #116 Budget

FY 2011 USD #116 Budget

Adult Education Budget Information

Adult Ed FY 13 Tentative Budget

Adult Ed FY 12 Budget

Adult Ed FY 09 Budget

Contract Information

Prior Years Annual Financial Reports

FY16 Financial Reports

FY15 Financial Reports