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Urbana Alumni Association gives $20,000 in gift certificates to thank Urbana teachers

Urbana Alumni Association gives $20,000 in gift certificates to thank Urbana teachers

On Monday December 10th, the Urbana Alumni Association (UAA) will deliver a check for $20,000 to the Idea Store for 400 fifty-dollar gift certificates to all Urbana teachers.  UAA plans to present this check to the Idea Store staff and board at 5:00 pm, and the community is invited.

 The idea came during a UAA board meeting this past fall in looking for a way to utilize UAA’s  funds to honor teachers in the district.  Steve Beckett UAA Board member says, “This gift idea was a natural for the Urbana Alumni Association.  We support Urbana schools in every way, with special focus on our teachers.  This was a way we could say ‘thank you’ to each one for their service to all Urbana students.” 

The initial $50 gift certificates were presented to Urbana High School teachers as a surprise in early November, followed by gift certificates to the middle school and elementary teachers in all Urbana schools.  “We don’t often get recognized for our day to day efforts, so getting this surprise was absolutely fantastic.  I literally cried tears of joy” said Tamra Gingold, Urbana orchestra teacher.

The Idea Store, a longtime favorite of teachers, students, and artists, is excited to welcome the Urbana teachers to the store.  Jessy Ruddell, Executive Director for the store says, “This generous support exposes the Urbana teachers to our creative reuse mission.  Teachers will find that $50 goes a long way toward their classroom and art supplies.  We look forward to helping them find creative ways to support their classroom projects.”

The Idea Store is open Tuesday-Friday 12pm-7pm, Saturday 8am-5pm, and Sunday 12pm-5pm.  Visit http://the-idea-store.org/ or follow The Idea Store on Facebook. 

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