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Dr. Owen, Superintendent of Urbana School District #116 and his Tiger Staff are looking to answer your questions about Urbana Schools, education in general, blogging as the superintendent, and the weather! Ask your question here! Answers will be posted below.  If you have a questions that needs an individual response, please include your name and contact information (phone and/or email).  Names and contact information will not be published with the questions on the web site.


how can I obtain a staff members email address to send them a professional note 8. December 2017

A:  Thanks for contacting USD #116.  You may email if you are looking for a staff member’s email address that is not one of your student’s teachers.  If the staff member is your student’s teacher, their email can be found in the Gradebook portion of Skyward Family Access.  

Where can I find the physical forms for the doctor to fill out? 9. August 2017

A:  Thanks for your question.  If your doctor’s office does not have a state health form to complete, you can print this one: State of Illinois Student Health Form

When and where will classroom rosters be posted for the upcoming school year? 8. August 2017

A: Thank you for your question. The short answer is some time after August 9. UMS and UHS students received their schedules at Centralized Registration. Each elementary school has a different way of posting the classroom rosters. However, all rosters should be available by the Friday prior to the first day of school.

I have searched and searched and am unable to find a description of what Math SB is for 6th grade math at UMS. I have emailed my son’s dean because we suspect it is not the correct level for him, but in the meantime as we wait for a response; do you know what math level the MATH SB is? Thanks! 1. August 2017

A:  Thank you for your question.  SB means that the teacher uses the Standards Based (SB) grade book. SB could appear after any class depending on the assessment approach of the teacher. Mathematics at sixth grade is not a leveled class, and we provide a differentiated instructional model similar to elementary school.

How do I find the after school prices 12. July 2017

A:  Thanks for the question.  Information regarding our Before School / After School Childcare program can be found on the BSCCP / ASCCP page. Director Sandy Davin and her team will be at Centralized Registration event with the information and applications for the 2017-18 school year.

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