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Dr. Owen, Superintendent of Urbana School District #116 and his Tiger Staff are looking to answer your questions about Urbana Schools, education in general, blogging as the superintendent, and the weather! Ask your question here! Answers will be posted below.  If you have a questions that needs an individual response, please include your name and contact information (phone and/or email).  Names and contact information will not be published with the questions on the web site.


In light of what happened in Florida this week, I’d like to resubmit my question that I sent in two weeks ago that I haven’t seen an answer to. What is our school district doing to protect students and staff from an armed intruder? Why do we only have a drill one time a year, but fire drills multiple times a year? Why have we not adopted the ALICE method of training that Champaign, Unity, St. Joe and Mahomet have adopted? 23. February 2018

A:  Thank you for contacting the Urbana School District #116.  First, we would like to emphasize that our students’ and staffs’ safety is of the utmost importance. To address some of your concerns – all Urbana Administrators have been trained in ALICE techniques.  This training started two years ago.  Our staff continuously reviews and updates our school safety plans.  With work with the Urbana Police Department (as well as other City and County 1st responders) to get feedback on not only our safety plans, but our performance when we practice (drill with and without students).  Our school administrators work with our building staff (including teachers, secretaries, and support staff) to discuss their role in the safety plans.  In light of our ALICE training, we have significantly revised our practices and procedures over the past several years.  For example, school building staff meet prior to all drills; for “active shooter drills,” faculty and staff are encouraged to make decisions based on the information provided by our emergency communication systems. Schools have learned from these types of crisis that allowing the adults the autonomy to make the decision about what is safest may limit the danger to students. Also, we discuss situations in which it may be appropriate to resist an intruder during a crisis.

Every time we have a drill that involves evacuation, we also practice our reunification procedures. Reunification practice helps us account for all students and prepare for returning students to their families in case of a real emergency where we are unable to re-enter the building.

Again, safety is always our priority.

how so you file a FOIA request? File a FOIA, FOIA, Freedom of Information Act - 9. February 2018

A: Thank you for your question. Information regarding how to file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) can be found here:USD #116 Freed of Information page.

whats the login for skyward? 1. February 2018

A:  Thanks for your question.  Skyward can be accessed using this link:Skyward Access. If you need additional information concerning username or login, please contact

When is the Spring play? 1. February 2018

A:  Thanks for your question.  UHS Theatre will present their winter offering, Noël Coward’s Blithe Spirit, February 14 through 18 at the Cobb Memorial Auditorium at Urbana High School.  The show will start at 7:00pm on Feb. 14, 15, 16, and 17, and a matinee starting at 2:30pm on Feb. 18.  Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for students.

I still can’t get into Skyward. When will that be available again? 12. December 2017

A:  Thanks for your question. We appreciate your patience while we worked through our technology issues with Skyward Family Access (Web and Mobile) and the USD web sites. Skyward Family Access has been restored and is available for use.  You can login using the link on the USD #116 District web site or the link below.:  

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