District Improvement

District and School Improvement Plans


In order to ensure the best possible education for Urbana students, the District requires all schools to continually review and update their goals and activities through the Rising Star Continuous Improvement process.


What is Rising Star?

Rising Star is a tool for school and district comprehensive and continuous improvement planning.

Rising Star, a comprehensive continuous improvement process system, has been fully embedded in the State’s web-based school and district Integrated Plans on the Illinois Interactive Report Card (IIRC) that serve as the required template for a variety of plans required by both State and federal funding sources (e.g., Title I, Title III, and technology implementation plans).  Rising Star on IIRC uses indicators of effective practice, at both the district and school level, to provide the structure for improving teaching and learning as part of a continuous cycle of assessment, planning, implementation, and progress monitoring.  At the district level, Rising Star uses indicators of effective practice organized into the following five overarching areas:  district vision and direction; district and school improvement processes; district allocation of resources for school improvement; district support for school improvement and student achievement; and teacher and leader effectiveness and supports.  At the school and classroom level, there are additional indicators of effective practice, organized into the following four categories and corresponding essential elements:


Rising Star School-level Categories and Essential Elements

Category Essential Element
Educator Quality LeadershipProfessional Development
Learning Environment Conditions for LearningCommunity and Family Engagement
Teaching and Learning Aligned Instruction-CurriculumDifferentiated InstructionInstruction (Preparation; Teacher Directed – Introduction, Presentation, Summary/Confirmation; Interaction; Student Directed (group or individual); Technology; Parent Communication and Homework; and Classroom Management).AssessmentPeriodic Assessment
Community and Family Engagement Policies and PracticesShared LeadershipEducationCommunicationConnection

Below are the current improvement plans in PDF format for the Urbana School District and the individual schools who have completed and published plans.

District Continuous Improvement Plan

Urbana SD #116 complete plan

School Continuous Improvement Plans

2014-15 School-wide Improvement Plans & Summaries

All plans below are in PDF format.  Updated as of Nov. 2014.

2013-2014 Plans

District Continuous Improvement Plan

Urbana SD #116 complete plan with RTTT3 SOW

School Continuous Improvement Plans


Archive of Previous Plan Documentation

District Plans

Restructuring Plans

Additional Information